Admission essay about why I want to go to college

I would like an essay which is speaking about why I want to go to college and get a Bachelor’s in Business. Being a leader is a trait I have been working on for years, and I dream that one day I can use it to work for a good company. An inspiring company to me is one that is improving the world with products such as creating biodegradable packaging.

My goal keeps me going to work hard because one day I want to be able to generate enough income create my own scholarship or give money to students that cannot afford college on their own. I truly value my education and it would mean the world to me if I could give this gift to someone else in the future. This is why I started a youth-led organization called Gen Z for BLM with my sister and my friend. We tutor students for affordable prices, and directed all of our proceeds to creating scholarships for people of color, and low income communities.

Like I mentioned briefly, there is more to my education than just getting by. I want to achieve, and achieve highly, so that I can give back in the future. I am not only working toward a better future of my own, but the future of other potential students, and the future of an entire community.

You can include these details in the essay. Also maybe speak about how community service has strengthened my belief that I have to give back to my community.

I have also attached my resume so you can use any of the places I have worked in and volunteered to include.

Goal of essay is basically to convey how my experiences have led me to want to pursue business, and give back to marginalized communities around me.

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