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Sport Budget Development

From the perspective of an industry professional in a leadership position, the student is to develop a hypothetical annual budget for a university/college or professional sport team of their choice.  Through research, the student should familiarize themselves with as many financial responsibilities of the organization as they can, including sources of revenue, typical expenses, employment practices and […]

Informal Hypothesis

What all tests have in common is that we need to formulate a null and alternative hypothesis before we analyze any data. The alternative hypothesis typically represents the effect, or result, we believe is true, and the null hypothesis represents a comparison point. For this discussion, I would like you to come up with an […]

Financial Statement Analysis

Industry Analysis   Industry Definitions and Metrics   · Industry structure/keyplayers · Primary performance metrics   Industry Trends · Key trends in industry   Risk Factors xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Success factors · Include exhibits if useful, for examplegrowth in customer base · trends in input prices of primary goods · trends towards consolidation/globalization     Strategy […]

Servicescape Project

Servicescape and Blueprint Instructions (2 Parts):     Part 1   Visit a café, coffeeshop (or something similar like a small restaurant) or grocery store (added this example given our covid world) and observe the servicescape and customer behaviors. Review Figure 2 on page 60 of Bitner’s “Servicescapes” article (see the module for the link). While […]

Deviance Theory

1. Read the following story: Bob and Mary Smith have three children: Joe 16, Jenny 13, and Melissa 9. Bob is a construction worker who stops off most days at Ernie’s tavern with his friends on the way home from work. Mary is a part-time home day-care worker. Bob’s brother Frank always has extra money […]