Critically discuss how leadership qualities and skills contribute to effective multi-professional teamwork

Define team-work and multi professional teamwork
Why is multi-professional teamwork important within patient care? What makes multi-professional teams work well?
What is leadership? What are the skills and qualities for clinical nurse leaders to demonstrate to be positive leaders of multi-professional teams? Clearly identify and critically consider the values and behaviours you have identified as important for the clinical nurse leaders? The clinical context will be acute ward in mental health nursing.

The Purpose of the assignment:
To clearly demonstrate an understanding of leadership for clinical nursing practice.
To critically consider leadership values and behaviours for the nurse to use when contributing to multi-professional team work or influencing positive patient experience for your field of practice
To recognise the drivers for effective leadership through healthcare policy
To clearly identify leadership responsibilities for the nurse within the NMC Code (2018)
To explore the policy guidance and organisational priorities for the NHS which impact directly upon the importance of effective team work or ensuring positive patient experience

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