Current Issues In Globalization And Tourism/Hospitality Management


  1. Choose a current global issue with implications beyond simply a region or even a single country.
  2. You will introduce this issue in the first paragraph including a brief description of the issue, what you will write about, and why this is an important topic for the tourism & hospitality industry. Do not include discussion or findings in the introduction. Save the findings for the main body of the paper.
  3. Provide background to the issue including why it occurred (is occurring), whether this is the first time for the issue or is this a recurring event, sudden issue or building over time, size and scope, main players involved, etc. Use evidence that you find in the literature (current and/or relevant references). Provide controversy or opposing viewpoints if relevant.
  4. Suggest you develop your topic using three or four key sub-themes and clearly define connections to tourism/hospitality.  Use bold headings to separate the topics/themes. Weave your references into your themes. Every theme should be supported by at least 2 references.
  5. Discuss global implications such as who is impacted, what sorts of impacts (economic, environmental, socio-cultural, positive and negative), duration of impacts, strategies underway that mitigate negative impacts or accelerate positive impacts etc. Use bold headings to separate the topics. As this is a lot to cover in a short paper, your ability to be concise will be an asset.
  6. Explain lessons to be learned, or best practices or recommendation arising from this issue for the travel and hospitality industry. Although this requires some thought on your part, the response must still be in third person, and based on your findings as presented in the body of your paper. These recommendations come from the research you did.
  7. End your paper with a one paragraph conclusion that summarizes the main findings from your research on the topic. You may include gaps that were discovered if any, or areas for future research. Do not introduce new material in the conclusion.

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