Digital Media Analysis

Select an agricultural entity/company in the US and do an analysis of their digital media profile.

  • Do they have a website?
    • Is the website user friendly?
    • Can you tell what they do?
    • Is the website accessible?
  • What is their social media presence?
    • What type of content do they post?
    • How many followers do they have?
    • Are they active and engaging on their accounts?
  • Do they have e-mail newsletters?
    • What does it look like, how often is it sent?
  • Google them, are they being talked about in the news? Is there anything controversial?
  • Do they have an events calendar?
  • Do they have a YouTube channel?

Write an overall summary (500 words) about this business’s overarching digital footprint.
Consider including screenshots of the materials you find in your document.

  • Where do they need to improve?
  • Where are they doing well?


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