discuss the history of Beethoven as a composer

Briefly discuss the history of Beethoven as a composer as well as his place in music.  What factors influenced his life and music?

As the textbook notes, Beethoven’s “disruptions” of the musical conventions of the eighteenth century in his Moonlight Sonata seem to have resulted in part from the composer’s desire for subjective expressivity. This raises, again, the question of expression and form. Are the two compatible? Or are they mutually exclusive? What commentary does the Moonlight Sonata offer on this question?

In your discussion, incorporate the chapter materials as well as your own interpretation of the music.  DO NOT use outside sources unless you are adding to what was discussed in the Norton materials, in which your wordcount will exceed the minimum.   If you use outside sources, quote, cite, and provide a bibliography in the proper manner discussed in the Writing Requirements.

Similar to the last Writing Assignment, think in terms of a well written formal essay – Introduction, Body, Conclusion.

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