Drug Receptor Binding (affinity)”

 Write up a practical report for a practical titled “Drug Receptor Binding (affinity)”
• The instructions that must be followed as well as the sample data that should be used are included in the file titled “B. Practical 1 Handout – Background Data Exercise- Oct 2015”. This includes constructing graphs, however as you obviously will not construct these graphs by hand, you must produce them in a manner which is easy for one to read and copy by hand onto graph paper. (this whole practical will be copied by hand onto paper so take this into account when writing it up)
• You must also ensure you follow/meet these overall criteria for the write-up
 Title of practical (if you can think of or can deduce a better title then feel free to do so)
 Introduction (derived from the tutor’s notes and practical handout, written in YOUR OWN WORDS).
 Aims (what you hope to achieve and learn from this practical).
 Methods (brief description of what was done during the practical).
 Results (data generated must be analysed and presented fully).
 Discussion and conclusion (explanation of what the data generated show/mean).

• This must also be done to a first-class standard and in UK English
• Extra information can be found in the other files provided.
• Although I have said 5 pages, more pages can be included if needed to sufficiently explain and include everything to a first-class standard.

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