Fraud and Investigation

1. Background –
On 7 January 2009, the chairman of Indian IT company, Satyam Systems resigned as well as confessing to manipulating the accounts to the extent of approximately Rs 14,162 crore or US $1.04 billion.

2. Your Task –
It is 1 July 2008 and you have just been appointed Head of Internal Audit at Satyam in India. You have not previously worked for Satyam and on your first day in the office, members of your new internal audit team welcome you by raising concerns about a number of red flags which they believe indicate fraud is occurring.

3. As the new Head of Internal Audit:

• Set out three major fraud red flags that concern you at Satyam and explain why these red flags raise concern?
• How would you investigate the red flags to determine if fraud was occurring?

4.Presentation of your Assignment
Your paper should be presented in essay format with appropriate headings / subheadings to assist in formatting.
You are also required to provide appropriate support for your opinions / reasonings with journals / industry articles. Please ensure you use appropriate in-text referencing and also provide a full reference list (and appendix if required) at the end of the essay.

5.Additional Notes
To undertake this assignment, you will need to review research, investigation findings and other papers written about the Satyam fraud after it was discovered and use that information to frame your responses to the question.

6. Please refer to the assignment criteria sheet as it contains the marking scheme.

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