identify a social problem that is common among the organization

This assignment is intended to help students demonstrate the behavioral components of this competency in their field education.

To prepare: Working with your field instructor, identify a social problem that is common among the organization (or its clients) and research current policies at that state and federal levels that impact the social problem. Then, from a position of advocacy, identify methods to address the social problem (i.e., how you, as a social worker, and the agency advocate to change the problem). You are expected to specifically address how both you and the agency can effectively engage policy makers to make them aware of the social problem and the impact that the policies have on the agency and clients.

The Assignment (2-3 pages):

• Identify the social problem

Substance abuse / drug addiction

• Explain rational for selecting social problem

Talk about the increase in Drug addiction as well as overdose

• Describe state and federal policies that impact the social problem

State of Ohio

• Identify specific methods to address the social problems

• Explain how the agency and student can advocate to change

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