Leadership and Management in the Perioperative Environment

HHO2007Leadership and Management in the Perioperative Environment Assignment Brief1There are FIVE Learning Outcomes.

  1. Critically evaluate the implementation of national and local health policy and evidence-based practice within the multidisciplinary perioperative environment.
  2. Demonstrate a critical understanding of factors that influence professional perioperative practice.
  3. Critically discuss strategies for the effective leadership and management of perioperative environments.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to apply decision making and problem-solving skills within complex and dynamic acute care settings
  5. Demonstrate the ability to deliver a presentation submitted in an electronic format for online assessment.

You must meet all FIVE Learning Outcomes for a pass grade to be awarded. You  must  choose  a  clinical  incident  to  analyse.  You may  choose  from the scenario that  we have  created for  you however  you may  also  choose  a  clinical  incident  that  you  have witnessed/participated in from your practice placement. Please note: you should not identify any individuals or the organisation in anyway. If you decide to choose an incident you have witnessed ,then you must contact the module leader to discuss your assignment plan.

You will evaluate what you observe/experience in the scenarios against local/national policy and guidance to identify where you are following best practice and where improvements may lie. If  you  decide to use a  reflective  model  this  fits  into the Evaluation section of the  Gibbs model or the So what? Section of the Borton model.

Your  analysis  should  concentrate  on  identifying  root  causes  for  the  incident.  From  this analysis you will identify opportunities for change that will enhance the quality of patient care and optimise patient safety.

You should explore a number of options before identifying which ONE of these will potentially have the greatest impact in terms of patient safety. You will then consider this ONE change in the context of change management explaining how you will identify any barriers to change and your strategy for overcoming these barriers. You should consider this in the context of organisational culture within your trust/hospital. What would you do differently if you were team leader? Again, do not identify your organisation in any way. This is best expressed as an action plan which would fits into the Action Plan section of  the  Gibbs model  or the Now what? Section  of  the  Borton  model.  To grade highly  in  this assignment, you  will  utilise  a  change  model  and/or  change  tools  within  this  action  plan  to explain HOW you would implement this change.

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