media violence and porngrapghy

In this quick two paragraph brainstorm, you will reflect on how research methodology can influence conclusions about media violence and pornography. Chapters 11 and 13 focus on research methods, which you may or may not have studied before. Choose one study and set of data such as Figure 11.1, Trends in Media Violence. Then do the following:

In 5 to 6 sentences (paragraph 1), explain what you learned from that data and how it is or is not difficult to interpret it.
In your next 5-6 sentences (paragraph 2), explain how you might conduct a research study to avoid the ambiguity in results you saw in Chapters 11 and 13.
You may reference a research study on a topic in one of these chapters or another study that you find or have discovered in your other work in this class as long as it connect to media violence and/or pornography. It is understood that you are not specifically studying methodology, so your focus should be on trying to understand the conclusions of a study and how methodology can affect people’s perceptions of the outcome of a research study.

PhD, C.J. F. (2015). Media Psychology 101. [VitalSource Bookshelf]. Retrieved from

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