Metabolic Manipulator’ molecule and contextualise the intracellular metabolic biochemical pathways it affects

1. Overview
Identify the commercial and/or chemical name(s), relevant class and/or structure of the ’Metabolic Manipulator’
molecule and contextualise the intracellular metabolic biochemical pathways it affects (i.e. Protein, Carbohydrate,
Lipid &/or Oxidative Phosphorylation). Briefly outline the effect(s) the Manipulator has on the organism locally
(i.e. specific cells or tissue) and/or as a whole (i.e. the whole organism). Identify the Substrates/Precursors and the
biochemical/chemical synthesis steps altered or disrupted by the Manipulator (i.e. parent and/or active molecule,
key enzymes & co-factors involved in the disorder) and describe the relevant transport, half-life, receptor activation
and fate following action – Manipulator degradation within the cell/organism.

2. Research
Describe the MOST recent research (published scientific article(s)) effort pertaining to the Manipulator. This may
include, but not limited to, characterization of metabolic status, biochemical pathways, receptors and signal transduction within cells or tissue and the identification of potential therapeutic(s) or the Manipulator as as a therapeutic

3. Diagnosis
Identify the disease state(s) produced by/or consequence(s) of treatment with the Manipulator that arise if there is
a genetic defect or chemical perturbation in the metabolic/biosynthetic pathway of target cells/tissues.

4. Treatment
Describe the current treatment(s)/strategy(ies), approved for use, to overcome the disease state as a consequence
of the Manipulator. Comment on, with the aid of statistical information, the change in prognosis as a consequence
of treatment, either with or in response to exposure to the Manipulator.

Outline the current and/or relevant policies/legislation (federal, state or international) pertinent to the Manipulator
(e.g. adverse health outcomes or legislation for therapeutic use).
Report Format:

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