Nursing essay on Cost-Effective Care

When one hears of a patient being over-treated or undertreated, one thing that comes to mind is the new technology that is being used in healthcare. There have been mixed reactions to the technology being used in healthcare services in the United States. Some say that it saves lives, while others think it is too expensive. The following nursing essay explains the merits and demerits of cost-effective care about an acute illness that my father had, heart attack.

In an article that Jeanne Lenzer wrote in 2012, she explains hoe and intern watched as nursing professionals tried to resuscitate a patient who was almost 90 years old and was in the end-stage of congestive heart failure. The doctors worked for about one hour with equipment like pressor being injected into his heart, but the old man died (Lenzer, 2012). Although doctors have always insisted on doing everything they can to save lives, it sometimes becomes too painful for the patient as some of these procedures are done while the mind is still awake. My father had a heart attack, and when he got into the emergency room, they used the same procedures because his case was severe. I believe he was under a lot of pain during this period.

However, such nursing procedures have been known to save multiple lives not only in the United States but also the rest of the world. Overtreatment may be painful and expensive, but the result is sometimes worth it. My father was able to recover from the illness, and although he cannot perform stressful tasks like lifting heavy stuff, he sure is happy that he is still alive. In fact, the whole family is grateful to the hospital staff for saving his life. That is why one day, I would love to work as professional nurse.

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