PechaKucha :Support Young People With Dual Diagnosis

PechaKucha presentation is a presentation style in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each.

In this class you have examined a number of major themes (topics) that largely make up Dual Diagnosis. You have also considered how two of these themes (topics), that is a mental illness and an alcohol or substance use addiction, impact upon each other to create more complex and challenging support needs, particularly for young people. Finally, you have examined how best to support young people with Dual Diagnosis by creating a therapeutic environment or setting that strives for psychosocial rehabilitation.
This presentation requires you to combine all learnings in one final presentation that is weighted at 40% of your overall mark. The presentation encourages you to think about the ways in which you analyse, structure and present your argument and pushes you to think more critically about others’ positions and comments.
Please see the assessment rubric for this task to understand that what will be assessed is four key aspects:
1. Clearly describe your chosen theme (topic*) and how it particularly impacts upon young people; (6 slides) eg. Depression, Anxiety, etc
2. Clearly identify how the chosen (theme*) is impacted by Dual Diagnosis for young people;
(6 slides) What are the main symptoms of the theme, how is it further impacted by the chosen substance by dual diagnosis, eg heroin, marijuana, alcohol.
3. Clearly explain how a young person with the Dual Diagnosis features that you have described can best be supported ; and (8 slides) Possibly pick services based in Victoria, Australia, when considering organisations.
4. Adherence to PechaKucha conventions combined with fluent presentation style.
5. SLIDE 21/22 Put your references here, (Harvard) between 10 to 12 references.

Please add footnotes to each slide for the presentation.

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