Radicalisation and the Progression to Violent Extremism)

it is important  to note that this literature review is the first of the three assessment pieces that are linked to one another for the research proposal.

The topic selected is terrorism which should be discussed broadly and then narrowed down to radicalisation and the progression to violent extremism.
The paper provided has identified three core themes ideology, perceived injustices and social relations (if you can please rename and elaborate, also add a core theme if relevant to paper and is a gap in the literature for this topic). Please elaborate on theoretical framework

To complete this assessment, you will:
1) write a concise and focused literature review organized by core themes (rather than by chronology);
2) discuss any relevant theoretical or conceptual frameworks;
3) identify any gaps or contradictions in the literature; and
4) explain why these unresolved issues exist.

To Writer:
– Please rewrite paper, as well as adding more information when required.
– Use subheadings provided (introduction, literature review, theoretical framework, gap in the literature and conclusion), however the three headings ideology, perceived injustices and social relations can be reworded.
– Minimum 1800 words to a maximum of 2200 words.
– MUST use 20 references (majority need to be original and not from the paper provided).
– APA referencing.
– Please use the marking criteria uploaded as a preference to assist.

Word Structure Guide
Introduction – 200
Literature Review and Core Themes – 800 (needs to be biggest as it is worth 40%)
Theoretical Framework – 400
Gaps – 400
Conclusion – 200

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