Report on BMW recall

As a solution provider I need a report on any BMW product recall assuming the recall has already occurred. The report need to cover 7 sections with proper referencing & formatting. The sections includes:
1) Abstract
2) Introduction (introduction to problem including issues in the market, when the issue was deducted, sale data and future forecast, timeline – Gantt chart, pictures and tables)
3) Root cause analysis (technical issue, management issue, financial issue, ethical issue)
4) Technical and system solutions (discuss multiple solutions and propose the most suitable one, product development cycle, production part approval process documents required from the supplier, process flow chart for defect deduction or quality plan for the part and ethical and sustainability considerations for the supplies). Note: assume that the newly developed part is sourced from a supplier
5) Finance and costing (process cost sheet of the defective component identified in the technical issue, damage cost analysis by calculating the extent of damage cost to the organisation and expected negotiations with the supplier and the final cost – provide justification
6) Management solutions (role/responsibility matrix, key performance indicators – department & individual, audit recommendations)
7) Discussion and conclusion (outline advantages, disadvantages and challenges of the study and provide a concluding remark)
APA referencing style and report format. 5000 words excluding list of table, cover page, table of contents etc

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