Liberal Arts Capstone unit is about studying the basics of liberal arts including critical thinking, communication, diversity and ethics related with the competencies of workforce related needs and values. This course covers the study of learning about the analytical thinking skills by preparing different products for interdisciplinary approaches, constructing products for incorporating different resources and communication of original perspectives and creating coherent and well-organized argument based on public issues and learning various positions for written as well as oral communication skills. One of the biggest challenge faced by many graduate students is the development of an appropriate strategies to solving Wicked problems. 


Wicked problem

A wicked problem is a social or cultural problem that is difficult or impossible to solve for as many as four reasons: incomplete or contradictory knowledge, the number of people and opinions involved, the large economic burden, and the interconnected nature of these problems with other problems. Notably, trying to solve a wicked problem would end causing another problem

Characteristic of wicked problems

  1. here is no definitive formula for a wicked problem.
  2. Wicked problems have no stopping rule—there’s no way to know whether your solution is final.
  3. Solutions to wicked problems are not true or false; they can only be good or bad.
  4. You cannot immediately test a solution to a wicked problem.
  5. Every solution to a wicked problem is a “one-shot operation” because there is no opportunity to learn by trial and error—every attempt counts significantly.
  6. Wicked problems do not have a set number of potential solutions.
  7. Every wicked problem is essentially unique.
  8. Every wicked problem can be considered a symptom of another problem.
  9. There is always more than one explanation for a wicked problem because the explanations vary greatly depending on the individual’s perspective.
  10. The planner/designer has no right to be wrong and must be fully responsible for their actions.

Best wicked problems

  1. Global warming
  2. Poverty eradication
  3. Banning usage of Plastics
  4. Homelessness

Best approaches to Solving wicked problems

  1. Break down information into nodes and links.
  2. Visualize the information.
  3. Collaborate and include stakeholders in the process.
  4. Release solutions quickly and gather continuous feedback.
  5. Carry out multiple iterations.


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