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Case Study Analysis Preparation
You must be careful when reading the assignment and distinguish from a position paper, a comparative paper and case analysis. We will use research papers or case study analysis as core deliveries of your assignments. In general, case studies require you to read the case in its entirety to gain an understanding of the background in which the facts are set and the particular problem within the case. You will find that reading through more than once will help you better understand the dynamics.

For purposes of this course, the final document you submit will be graded on the following parts with their respective subheadings. This paper should be 6 -7 pages (double-spaced). Please ensure that your assignment is APA compliant.

1. Introduction of case or topic

2. Summarization of facts or topic(s) presented in the case

3. A summary of the area of Organizational Behavior

4. Detailed discussion of the case or topic(s), including personal conclusion. You must provide sound rationale for your arguments.

The acceptable number of pages for case study assignments range between a minimum of two to three full double-spaced pages (six -seven for final papers), depending on the content. This does not include cover and reference pages. For all assignments, you must incorporate at least three sources that provide rationale or support for the topic under discussion. Your submission must include a cover page with the name of the course, your name, the instructor’s name, title, and the date.

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