Wasserman, Charleston Shooting

For this assignment, you will practice analyzing how various rhetorical elements contribute to the overall meaning of a visual image–in this case, a political cartoon. To begin, click on the attached image.

By way of some context, this editorial cartoon, entitled “Charleston Shooting,” by artist Dan Wasserman, appeared in The Boston Globe on June 18, 2015. This was just one day after Dylan Roof entered a black church in Charleston, S.C. and shot and killed nine people. If you don’t remember this event well, you can read this news report from that day.

Now, review once again the Elements and Methods of Visual Rhetoric document and select from it three elements that you wish to discuss in relation to this photo. Please note that this is not a formal essay assignment, so do not treat it as such. For example, you do not need to create a formal introduction.

Begin by simply providing an interpretive claim–i.e., stating what you believe is the meaning of the cartoon or the message that artist is trying to convey to the audience. Ideally, this claim should be just one sentence (tho you can write two if necessary). After that, your document simply needs to contain three paragraphs, one for each rhetorical element you have selected. In each paragraph, you need to explain fully how the particular element contributes to the overall meaning or message of the image.

Note: Your assignment must be submitted as an attached .doc or .docx file. Name your file correctly, using your last name and brief description of assignment (e.g., Martinez, Political Cartoon.docx).

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